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We pride ourselves in helping patients deal with dental and other phobias, so that the best quality treatment can still be yours- completely worry-free!


We offer Children and Adults fixed or removable Orthodontic braces to correct mal-aligned, crowded or crooked teeth. Retainers, mouth guards, space maintainers and habit breakers are also available.

Teeth Whitening

Achieve a dazzling smile. Brite Smile in-office whitening in just 1 hour can reduce effects of aging, coffee, red wine and smoking simply and safely. Or opt for Opalescence home-bleaching (2-3 weeks) for a gradual brighter effect. Effects can last for up to 2 years if properly maintained.

Extractions / Surgical Procedure

If a tooth must be extracted- simple extractions can be done by the dentist at the practice. If a tooth must be removed there are a variety of options including under Local Anesthetic at the practice or under General Anesthetic in theatre where surgical procedures, including wisdom teeth removal can be done by our oral

Tooth Replacement

Spaces between teeth can be filled by prosthetic replacement in the form of DENTURES, BRIDGEWORK or IMPLANTS. A denture is a plate with false teeth that fit into the gaps in your mouth. It is a natural, removable option and may be all plastic or a mixture of plastic and metal. Partial or Complete dentures

Root Canal Therapy

Once a tooth becomes infected, but you wish to save it, it is necessary to remove the nerve within the root system of the tooth. This will remove any sensation, and allow the tooth to be restored with a filling or more long term, with a crown.


Change the colour and the shape of unsightly or poorly shaped teeth by re-facing the front surface of the tooth with a porcelain laminate (usually only two visits).


A crown is a custom ‘cap’ on top of a tooth to maintain and protect its structure. These are hand crafted at a dental laboratory to reproduce the colour and shape of the original tooth. Metal or gold options also available.

Scale & Polish

Cleaning your teeth and removing build-up of plaque and calculus is very important to maintain oral health. This reduces the need for fillings and the possibility of gum disease and is recommended every 4-6 months.

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Looking for a dental clinic in Nairobi? The Nairobi Dentist
"“The staff, the clinic and the dentist have always put me at ease and offered efficient, brilliant service! I have been a patient since the year 2000, and commend the Smile Studio for quality work and keeping my mouth healthy!”"

Brilliant Service

Looking for a dental clinic in Nairobi? The Nairobi Dentist
"“Dr. Patel was very professional and wasted no time in giving me a brand new smile. I am forever thankful!”"

Full Mouth Smile Makeover

Looking for a dental clinic in Nairobi? The Nairobi Dentist
"“I am extremely happy with my treatment at the Smile Studio in UHMC. Dr. Nira Patel made me feel at ease and produced excellent results. I would recommend treatment to anyone.”"

Gentle Dentist, Excellent Results

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